Anya Sushko Bags in The Esse Museum USA!
Huge congratulations to Anya Sushko who is now showcasing some of her most gorgeous bags at the ESSE Museum in the United States!Image
Anya Sushko Bags for ESSE Museum
For bag lovers, handbags are an art, they are a beautiful piece of handcrafted magnificence which expresses the person we are inside. Anya Sushko bags are certainly a piece of art which are carefully designed, made and held with pride! For this reason, a number of handbags where made exclusively in Anya's Sushko Workshop in London and sent to ESSE to be nicely displayed. Image
Making Process for ESSE Museum 
ESSE Purse Museum & Store is the culmination of owner Anita Davis’ dream of sharing her love of purses, art and history. Flamboyant or simple, tiny or enormous, leather or vegan — the choice of handbag tells much about the woman, and the wide variation in style through the years is reflected in the exhibits.
Anya Sushko Bags delivered to ESSE Museum!
January 13, 2022 — Anya Sushko