Anya Sushko Visits - Lineapelle Leather Show Bologna

We are just back from the fabulous Lineapelle Leather Show in Bologna.  Each year 'Anya Sushko London' visit's the show to view the finest leathers on offer.

Lineapelle is an exhibition dedicated solely to leather, it has been running for over 30 years and attracts industry professionals from all over the world. It is reserved exclusively to those in the leather industry and with over 1300 exhibitors - there is a lot to talk about leather.

One of the great things about the Lineapelle Leather show, aside from the stands and exhibitors, is that they have a variety of workshops available. They have a whole hall dedicated to workshops alone which allows visitors to book in and get involved.  Visitors were able to take part in the various workshops running, from weaving, to learning how to dye materials and getting to use and learn about new equipment.

There were fabulous fashion stands showcasing leather designs to inspire and engage the buyers and visitors.  We noticed this year had more footwear trades exhibiting, with luxurious materials and interesting equipment.

At Lineapelle Workshops

At Lineapelle Workshops

The exhibition is very big, there are lots of different halls which are huge in their own right, which means a lot of walking - there is so much to see and do! As we were only in Bologna for a few days, it was difficult to see every stand, but we had made appointments with some of our current suppliers and some new ones, making it easier to see the people we wanted, it is always nice to reconnect with suppliers to maintain a good working relationship, we certainly enjoyed it. Our founder Anna, attended the show with colleague and friend, Simona who is from Italy originally, it was nice to have some assistance with interpretation at times, we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

We were particularly looking for hardwear on this trip, we spent hours browsing lots of different fittings and metal chains as well as the gorgeous leathers.  There was such a variety of leathers and colours available, including luxurious cowhide, crocodile, water snake, python and sting ray.  There was a particular emphasis on woven leather this year, as well as the woven workshop there was a wide range of different woven leathers on display.

Anna, our founder and designer loves hand picking her leathers, she has a vision for her handbag collection and this process of personally selecting the leather for each one makes the bespoke process all that more special.

Our founder Anna at Lineapelle hand selecting the leather for her collection.

Our founder Anna hand selecting leather's for her collection.

Bologna is a beautiful Italian city with gorgeous architecture. On our first evening, we went to explore the city and beautiful Bologna restaurants.  In Downtown, you are completely blown away by how vast and beautiful the architecture is. Inspirational arches, tall columns and the quaint city of Bologna really set the scene for a beautiful Italian atmosphere. The evening's were quite chilly, but you hardly noticed it at all because we were so dazzled by Bologna's beauty at night. The city literally comes to life in the evening, it is truly a special place.

Beautiful Bologna Architecture at night.

Beautiful Bologna at night.

The next day we explored a little of the city during the day on our way to the Lineapelle Leather show.  We had such a gorgeous rustic Italian view not far from our appartement.  Beautiful blue skies with the sun reflecting off of the Italian buildings, such a gorgeous day.

Downtown Old Bologna Central just outside our apartment.
Downtown Old Bologna Central just outside our apartment.
Coffee in Italy is like no other.  We stopped off in a charming little Italian coffee shop that just so happened to do coffee art.  We ordered our cappuccino's and when they arrived we were so surprised and delighted to see our artistically decorated cappuccino foam.

Amazing morning coffee in Bologna

Amazing artistic morning coffee in Bologna .

Italy is such an influential fashionable country, almost every where you look there are fabulous people with unique styles.  Everyone is influenced and eludes their own inner fashionista.  We saw this fabulous little old lady walking around the grocery store and although she was only doing her shopping, she looked utterly fabulous. Fashionista for life.

Amazing Little Old Bologna Fashionista

Amazing Little Old Bologna Fashionista.

We noticed that in  Bologna, the entrances to many buildings were rather grand and powerful in construction.  Places we would visit around the city had huge beautifully crafted doors which made you feel so small in comparison. A fantastic aesthetic architectural statement.

Loving these grand architectural doors

Loving these grand architectural doors.

There was a really nice spiritual atmosphere in Bologna especially when visiting some of the breathtaking churches around the city.  Being a predominantly catholic place, you can see ancient paintings and carvings all around the city that have a religious story to tell.  We were very moved by this beautiful city.

Churches are quite a theme in Italy, there are lots of beautiful old religeous paintings around the city.

Churches are quite a theme in Italy, there are lots of beautiful old religeous paintings around the city.

On our last night in Bologna, we met up with some friends and colleagues we knew from London, we then went to the amazing Nu Lounge Bar for the Lineapelle after party, the food was absolutely divine.  It was nice to socialise, relax and have a few drinks after a busy few days at the Lineapelle Leather Show. There were lots of industry professionals and well-known names at the after party, we spent time with the representatives of Prada, drinking cocktails and discussing fabulous fashion. This was such a nice end to a fabulous trip.

Lineapelle After Party

Last night in Bologna, Lineapelle after party at Nu Bar Lounge Meeting with some previous colleagues and friends.

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