Project Anya - Making A Bespoke Handbag - Mood Board Inspiration & Leather Swatches

After our fabulous trip to the Lineapelle Leather Show in Bologna, we wanted to harness our positivity from the show and move onto our next project, creating a bespoke bag for a special client.

Today, we are meeting with our client Lenka Gourdie from Sale Servant to discuss final designs & leather swatches for her bespoke Karolina handbag.  Anna our founder and designer has been busy in the studio compiling images that Lenka was inspired by into a mood board. A very stylish theme with a classic business lady vibe, perfect inspiration for our new Karolina handbag.

191984575.2.anya-sushko-business-lady-photoshoot-camaigne -2014

Our client Lenka loved our Karolina handbag so much she wanted one made to her specifications, choosing the colour, handle size, pocket size and positioning, leather type as well as having an input into the final design of the handbag. Anna is the bespoke handbag expert and takes real pride and joy in understanding her clients vision, great time is spent ensuring the client is happy. Preparations are now underway to present Lenka with our final ideas for the bag and firm up any last-minute changes, here is our founder and designer Anna making some changes to the Karolina design to pitch to Lenka.

191984575.4.workshop anya 2

Making a bespoke handbag for someone is so very special and personal, it becomes more than just an 'Anya Sushko London' design, but one that has meaning, feeling and unique craftmanship that no one else will have.  Anna collaborates with the client to create their vision, ensuring that their vision translates through her design.  The next stage is to take a selection of leather swatches to Lenka along with the sketches to finalise the colours that will be used.

Choosing Leathers191984575.7.leathers

We are now ready to meet our fabulous client Lenka and firm up the final details of her bespoke Karolina Handbag.

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