Why not order your own bespoke luxury Anya Sushko handbag, tailor-made just for you?

Anya Sushko offers a bespoke handbag-making service to individual clients as well as to boutiques and retailers.  Her experience in constructing handbags that are practical as well as beautiful, combined with her eye for detail and access to the best quality materials, means that she can create one-off, top of the range, handcrafted accessories tailored to your exact specifications. Anya Sushko and her team work closely with every client, no matter how big or small.  They strongly believe that modern luxury is all about offering quality, coupled with a personal touch and an uncompromising attention to detail.    


How Does It Work?

We can offer you two options.

The first option is for you to pick an existing Anya Sushko design and have it customised for you.  We are happy to discuss any customisations that you might like.  It could be, for example, using a specific type of material, selecting a particular colour combination, adding an extra pocket, altering the length and size of handle or adding a personalised message. Pictured below is an example of a customised commission from an entrepreneur female client, who requested a classic, comfortable daily handbag for her long and busy days filled with business meetings, but one that would also be unique and stand out with its design.  The result was the Maxi Karolina handbag customised exclusively for Lenka Gourdie, which you can read more about on our blog.



The second option is for Anya to produce a completely new design created just for you based on your inspirations and vision.  We would discuss your desired specifications and then produce a selection of sketches for you, experiment with materials, colours and shapes to reach the desired effect, develop bespoke accessories (e.g. locks, zip pullers, chains) if needed and produce final prototypes to assure you are happy with the outcome before moving to hand-crafting the final piece.  Your bag would be tailor-made for you with the utmost attention to detail at every stage. 

Bespoke, handcrafted accessories are rare to find and Anya and her team are dedicated to delivering some of the best ones that money can buy. 

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements, so please get in touch with us at bespoke@anyasushko.com

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Anya Sushko Design Team


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