The Buzz Before Christmas
Dear Readers,

What a crazy few years it has been!  Our team has missed going to shows and interacting with you all so much after the continuing upheaval of Covid and the many lockdowns which have restricted us from doing what we love.  But we are so glad to be back and are busier than ever!

It has been such an amazing autumn and winter time exhibiting our beautiful, handcrafted products at the Wealden Times and the Spirit of Christmas fairs.  We were grateful to reconnect with our lovely customers and exhibit our wide range of handcrafted, leather products.  We were especially delighted to be able to take part in the 20 years of Christmas celebration at the Spirit of Christmas fair.  The array of products were beautifully displayed, showing our wide range of colours and allowing you all to feel and see the attention to detail in our items.

 Our products were as in demand as ever, especially the Reversible Kent Shopper, which we displayed in a variety of beautiful colours --- most popularly in orange and green, navy and powder pink and green and purple --- and in the two different sizes, which can be seen in the pictures. 

As you can see, we also exhibited our stylish Wristlet: the softness of the Italian cowhide showed the elegance of the product and they remained as irresistible as ever especially once the customers saw their beautiful, floral Liberty Lining.


Another popular item were our Pencil Cases, which also feature a Liberty lining and come in our usual wide range of coloured leather.  These are the perfect size and were popular with our customers at each fair as Christmas gifts for their friends and loved ones.

Another great gift that we displayed were our beautiful notebooks, which are refillable and are perfect for those who like making notes in style.  We were excited to be able to personalise the notebooks at the Spirit of Christmas fair, which gave the products a stylish individual touch.  

Finally, we exhibited our charming and soft-to-touch pear keyrings, which are the perfect accompaniment to all of our other items.  All our products were gift-wrapped, which is always a lovely finishing touch.

Another joy of being at these events is being able to see and support other stallholders.  We particularly enjoyed walking round the fairs and finding beautifully crafted products and talking to other stallholders, discussing the fairs and how much we had all missed interacting with you all.  We were impressed with the high standard and quality of the other stalls and were able to fill our own Kent Shoppers with many gifts for our friends and family!

We hope you had the most lovely and festive Christmas, and we wish you all a very happy and healthy new year!

Lots of love
Anya and team

1月 12, 2022 — Anya Sushko

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