Step Into The Anya Sushko World - Getting To Know You


Close up detail of the Anya Sushko Modern Extravaganza Handbag
We would like to bring you more from the 'Anya Sushko' World. As you know, 'Anya Sushko London' are the bespoke handbag experts, we want to connect with our customers and really give you an opportunity to explore and experience Anya’s World. From photo shoots to new collections, behind the scenes and ‘how to’ features are just some of the many exciting things you can expect to find inside Anya’s World.
Luxury is at the heart of all of our bespoke designer handbags. All of our handbags are handcrafted in London using only the finest materials and silver finish fittings which are handpicked from Italy. Each handbag is uniquely handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail.
Follow us on a journey behind the bespoke experience.  We will be making a bespoke handbag for a fabulous client and we invite you on the journey of that process.  See our designer and founder Anna in action taking us through her unique bespoke process from idea to execution.
At 'Anya Sushko London' we understand what a handbag means to a woman, it is her favourite accessory, one that is versatile, functional and luxurious to hold all of her essentials. A woman’s handbag is her everything, where her lipstick is, her car keys, wallet, everything a woman can need in a day can all be found inside her handbag. Women feel empowered with the right handbag; it can transform your mood and your outfit.  We try to evoke a sense of confidence into our bespoke designs. When we think of the 'Anya Sushko' lady and what she would wear, we are instantly inspired by opulence - a fabulous fashion forward woman with unique style. We shall be exploring the 'Anya Sushko' lady in the coming weeks bringing you our conceptual ideas and thoughts on how we brainstorm ideas for new collections.
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