Project Anya - Making A Bespoke Handbag - Mood Board Inspiration & Leather Swatches

After our fabulous trip to the Lineapelle Leather Show in Bologna, we wanted to harness our positivity from the show and move onto our next project, creating a bespoke bag for a special client.

Boost your Mood and Beat the January Blues!

As all the festive decorations have come down, the fast forward life has begun again and the daily routine is back to normal we at Anya Sushko believe this is no reason to lose the cheerful and positive attitude!

Anya Sushko Bags in The Esse Museum USA!

Huge congratulations to Anya Sushko who is now showcasing some of her most gorgeous bags at the ESSE Museum in the United States! For bag lovers, handbags are an art, they are a beautiful piece of handcrafted magnificence which expresses the person we are inside. Anya Sushko bags are certainly a piece of art which are carefully designed, made and held with pride! For this reason, a number of handbags where made exclusively in Anya's Sushko Workshop in London and sent to ESSE to be nicely displayed.